Our support staff includes, an on site Mental Health Director who assists tenants with a wide range of mental health-related issues including; counselling, coping with challenges and also finding appropriate resources when required. This person will also liaise with tenant families.

An Activity Worker is also located at Friends Housing. This person is primarily responsible for organizing monthly resident activities including, automotive trips to the grocery store, cooking classes, exercise programs and numerous other outings and activities to enrich the lives of our tenants. 

Friends Housing is professionally managed by Murdoch Management, a property management firm that provides the daily supervision of our landlord-related operational services including building maintenance, repairs, rental collection and finding future tenants.


The Dedicated Board of Directors

The Friends Housing Board has a common goal to ensure the safety and health of all tenants.

Board of Directors:

John Gosselin - Chair

Lavina Allan – Secreatary

Dennis Perko - Treasurer

Eleanor Webb - Vice Chair

Jane Smith - Director

Herb Schon - Director

Peter Burnett - Director