Families/guardians, through support and encouragement, play a very important role in helping ensure their family member(s) residing at Friends Housing live his/her/their best life possible.

Don’t live nearby? Available time at a premium? Have one’s own health-related issues? Any or all of these (or other) reasons can pose challenges to providing strong support. However, there is truth to the adage, “If there is a will, there is a way.” Whether using newer technology (eg. posting/sharing notes and photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…sending a weekly email… arranging delivery of an online food order), OR “old school” methods (eg. regularly mailing a letter… making a weekly phone call… arranging a visit), OR a combination of both, there ARE ways.

And important too… please stay connected with Friends Housing. We are here to help tenants - AND their families.

Friends Family Communique
Friends Housing, recognizing its role and responsibility in helping encourage and strengthen family/tenant relationships, has a quarterly newsletter - specifically targeted to families/guardians - called Friends Family Communique.
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Stay Connected!
As well, Friends Housing organizes various meetings and social events throughout the year - everything from the AGM to the Summer BBQ and Christmas Celebration - to help forge and strengthen relationships between and amongst families, tenants, staff and Board. Drop by Friends Housing, subscribe to the newsletter or call/email the office to get and stay in touch.